Non-smooth M-estimator for Maximum Consensus Estimation
by Huu Le, Anders Eriksson, Michael Milford, Thanh-Toan Do, Tat-Jun Chin, David Suter
Best Science Paper Honourable Mention AWARD:
Deep Network for Simultaneous Stereo Matching and Dehazing
by Taeyong Song, Youngjung Kim, Changjae Oh, Kwanghoon Sohn
Best Industry Paper AWARD:
Automatic Semantic Content Removal by Learning to Neglect
by Siyang Qin, Jiahui Wei, Roberto Manduchi
Best Industry Paper Honourable Mention AWARD:
Semantic Priors for Intrinsic Image Decomposition
by Saurabh Saini, P. J. Narayanan
Best Student Paper AWARD:
A Quaternion-based Recurrent Model for Human Motion
by Dario Pavllo, David Grangier, Michael Auli
Best Student Paper Honourable Mention:
Learning on the Edge: Explicit Boundary Handling in CNNs
by Carlo Innamorati, Tobias Ritschel, Tim Weyrich, Niloy Mitra
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