Student Bursary

    In order to encourage postgraduate students to attend and present their work at BMVC 2018, this year we offer x5 student bursaries to cover their registration cost (excluding accommodation).
    Applicants should complete an application form and send it to Dr Hubert Shum ( with the subject line ‘BMVC 2018 Bursary’. The application deadline is 15th August 2018. The form must be countersigned by the applicant’s supervisor.
    Please note we have issued all available busaries, and are not accepting further applications.
    The applicant must be a postgraduate student who is studying for a PhD degree in the computer vision area. It is not required that the applicant has a paper to present at BMVC 2018. Both UK and international students will be considered.
    Decision and Notification
    Each application will be considered separately. Successful applicants will be notified within one week after the deadline. Unsuccessful applicants will NOT be notified due to possible large volume of applications. A discount code will be emailed to the awardees where the BMVC 2018 registration fee will be waived. In the event that the applicant has already registered, a refund of appropriate amount will be issued.
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